Video Production is the process of converting an idea into a video or filming the subject of the video.



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Face of Holika Holika Malaysia Audition

Face of Holika Holika Malaysia 2019

<Similac Gold Social Media Video>

Ferco Malaysia Dealer Conference 2019

<Fantastic Pastry Academy Online Video>

<Kose Sekkisei Essential Souffle Event Video>

Travels66 X VPG Travel Tour & Appreciate Night

<Fantastic Pastry Academy 4th Convocation 2019>

Taiwan Excellence Esports Cup 2019 @The Pantheon | Taiwan Excellence 台灣精品

<Bio-Essence Malaysia Beauty Class Event>

<TAG La藍牙追蹤神器 Online Video> by One Leg Kick

Yoga Retreat @ Tioman With Y.Zone & Odaka

Fantastic Pastry Academy Online Video

Skin Regimen Malaysia Official Launch @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Natalia Ng)

<Fantastic Pastry Academy Convocation 2017> Fantastic Pastry & Culinary Art Sdn Bhd

Robb Report Malaysia: REHDA Malaysia's Annual Golf Tournament 2018

Advance Eurotech Auto Corporate Video

Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone 2017 @ 1 Utama, Malaysia | Taiwan Excellence 台灣精品

<Designer Day Convocation 2017> by Era Technology

《秘密》舞台剧宣传 <Secret> Interview Video